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Education financing

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Online crowdfunding platforms are revolutionising how schools, non-governmental organisations and education collaborators raise funds for diverse education initiatives - including funding campaigns to update school infrastructure, to increase the availability of edtech and learning materials, to support extra-curricula activities, and for non-formal programmes for learning groups of all ages outside of the classroom.

These campaigns often utilize social media outreach, engaging multimedia content and storytelling to connect with a wide audience. In this way, schools and educational institutions are able to raise funds from communities and generous individuals for initiatives of immediate benefit to learners and teachers. Some are even reaching a global audience and attracting diverse donors to their cause.

One example of a crowdfunding platform that has successfully financed education programmes and projects in India is Crowdwave. Online fundraising campaigns on the platform have supported, amongst other things:

  • Training for underprivileged women

  • Nutritious food for children and expecting mothers

  • Supporting underprivileged children get access to education

  • Fundraising around menstrual awareness of adolescent school girls

Do you know of any crowdfunding and online fundraising platforms supporting education in other countries and regions around the world?

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