360° DIscussions

The sustainable Impact Hub hosted 360° video interviews, with world leaders and influencers, during the World Economic Forum, in Davos. The full interviews are available below.

Challenges for Innovation in Fragmented Ecosystems

Which concrete examples of effective innovation caught your attention last year? How can we create an ecosystem that fosters innovation collaboration? Which major challenges could innovation tackle in the future?

With Erica Kochi (UNICEF Innovation), Nicholas Davis (WEF Innovation), Nicolas Niggli (Republic and State of Geneva) and Rahul Chandran (GAHI). Moderated by Olivier Delarue (GHL).

Preparedness & Prevention

Why is prevention so crucial? Why is cross collaboration key to effective prevention? How can companies core competencies enhance prevention?

With Michael Moller (UNOG), Jemilah Mahmood (IFRC) and Ed Martinez (UPS Foundation). Moderated by Adva Saldinger (Devex).

Future influencers and Decision makers

Lise Kingo (UN Global Compact), Kimberly Gire (Global Women Leaders Strategic Philanthropy), Jemilah Mahmood (IFRC). Moderated by Nicholas Niggli (Innovation at Republic and State of Geneva) .

Future of Sustainable Financing

With Alexander de Croo (Deputy Prime Minister Belgium) and Peter Maurer (President of the ICRC). Moderated by Raj Kumar (Devex)

Shaping a resillient future through safe and inclusive education

With Monique Pariat (DG ECHO). Moderated by Jemilah Mahmood (IFRC).

SDGs and cross-collaboration

With Monique Pariat (DG ECHO). Moderated by Olivier Delarue (GHL).

How Women Leaders from the humanitarian and private sectors are increasingly collaborating for greater humanitarian impact

Shining a light on the issues women and girls face in crisis, conflict and fragile settings, and how the private sector can play a role, collaborating with humanitarian actors to find new solutions and to empower women and girls.

With Charlotte Lindsey (ICRC), Cheryl Hicks (Toilet Board) and Ruma Boze (advisor to the Soros Economic Development Fund). Moderated by Diana Walker.

How to create a new narrative on migration ?

What is the role of PSMs ? How can they work positively to impact the migrants creating a less fragmented world?

With Elhadj As Sy (IFRC). Moderated by Francesca Scott (EBU).

Full version here.

How to communicate with trust in a fragmented world?

Trust in Media; Inclusiveness, social representativeness and pluralism; Partnerships for a positive impact on society.

With Michael Moller (UN Geneva), Markus Preiss (ARD), Roberto Suarez Candel (EBU). Moderated by Sara Alonzo (EBU).

New financing models for humanitarian action

With Maximilian Martin (Lombard Odier Bank), Juan Cordeque (ICRC), Serena Guarnaschelli (Kois Invest). Moderated by Elisabeth Pfund (GHL).

Full version here.

Past, present and future of international collaborations

With Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN), Eric Berseth (Philanthropy Advisors), Patrick Youssef (ICRC) and Yves Fluckiger (UNIGE). Moderated by Daniel Dobos (GHL).

Full version here.

Liter of light

Why don't you use the youth as your army of change maker ?

You do not want a global supply chain, you just want people to grow.

Illac Diaz explains Liter of light.

Moderated by Olivier Delarue (GHL).

Full version here.

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